Ida Kirstine Andersen Boe for CBS Board of Directors

Areas I am particularly passionate about

Realization of more formative feedback for all students

More feedback for students has been on the agenda for a very long time. To me this is vey important because many students get very little feedback, myself included and this makes it hard for us to know how to improve. Therefore I want to keep fighting for more feedback! In order to actually make an impact though, I think we, as students, should be more specific in regards to our demand for more feedback. In this sense it is no coincidence that I am using the word “formative”. Feedback can be many things and one can distinguish between two types of feedback: formative feedback and summative feedback. Formative feedback looks ahead to learn and adjust, while summative feedback is directed backward to evaluate what has happened. So why am I so specific about the feedback being formative? At the moment a lot of students experience getting summative feedback on their assignment, a grade, and that’s it. And that doesn’t tell much about how to improve. Unfortunately CBS is in a very poor financial state, so our teachers don’t have the resources to give formative feedback on assignments along with our grade. How can we improve then? Formative feedback should be prioritized, no matter how research based the program is and I want to make professors and faculty understand how important this feedback is. A way to start can be by integrating formative feedback into the different courses offered across programs at CBS along with the planned curriculum and tap on the already established amount of resources offered for that course. This way students can get a sense of where to improve before the actual and final exam.

An education portfolio that is transparent and maneuverable

This is exciting because the review of our education portfolio is actually going on right now as a consequence of CBS’ newly revised strategy. CBS summarizes their strategically directed activities under two headings, one of those called “Transformational Initiatives”. Included in this is the “CBS’ programme portfolio”. The purpose is to well define the various programmes and our, the students, competencies internally as well externally. This sound nice really but I want to make sure that CBS especially focuses on the “internally” part. Today a lot of students find it difficult to navigate our educational system. If you are studying one program but maybe want to change to another master than the natural extension of your bachelor, how do you do that? Sometimes students have to supplement so many courses that the shift is actually not possible or at least very difficult especially if you are not a aware of this in a very good time, which often is not the case. I want to make sure that the education portfolio is transparent so it is obvious for students how to navigate through this system and which possibilities one have to build the preferred education.

Action plans and processes where we, the students, are at the center of attention

As a consequence of CBS’ renewed strategy the next step is to make concrete plans of action on how to meet the goals. The purpose of the revised strategy is to show in which strategic direction CBS wants to go and here 3 transformational initiatives have been selected. “Entrepreneurship & Innovation”, “CBS’ programme portfolio” and “Collaboration with business and society”. These prioritized areas/initiatives of action must be elaborated in action plans. I want to make sure that students have been taken into account in these action plans. I want this to count for all students – danish and internationals – and I will only specify this here because in my opinion a distinction should not even be considered.

Your Vote - Our Say

Let me be your watchdog!

My name is Ida Boe, I am 24 and I have a BSc. in Business Administration and Psychology. I am currently studying my master Cand.merc.(kom) and I have been politically active since I started at CBS; Volunteer, CBS Students (2013/2014) - Study Board Representative, HA/CM(psych.) (2014) - Member and Vice Chairman of the Board, CBS Students Board (2014) - Vice President, CBS Students (2015) - Member of the Academic Council, CBS (2016). I believe that student democracy and student empowerment improves our everyday lives as students. As Vice President of CBS Students and as a member of the Academic Council I have worked actively to ensure and qualify this - and I would love to continue doing so as your representative in the BOD. Student influence ensures continuous improvement of our studies, optimization of our student environment and realization of inventive student initiatives – benefitting all of us academically as well as socially. As your student representative in the Board of Directors, I will ensure that student-related issues and topics are always at the top of the agenda, and I would further focus passionately on the above mentioned priorities. I consider these three priorities essential because they are significant for the quality of our education, our ability to improve ourselves academically and our ability to get the education we want. Given my experience and insight into the complexity of CBS and the function of the university sector I believe I can create tremendous value, for all of us.